Promoting the Abundant Blessings of Faith

Christian Church Non-Denominational in Hilton Head Island

Welcome to Resurrection Christian Community Church, a local church based on Hilton Head Island and serving the broader community. Our mission is to reach people with the everlasting and ever-living love of Jesus Christ. We've been called and chosen by God to proclaim His word, joy, and peace to our community.

Building Faithful Relationships and Serving the Community

The personal relationships that we've developed as a part of our faith family are the cornerstone of our commitment to our wider community. We believe that all aspects of life—personal, spiritual, and civic—must be experienced in balance and harmony, and we strive to be strong, equitable, and healthy not only ...


We all need help every now and again, even believers. With that truth in mind, Resurrection Church provides, at no cost, coaching and counseling based totally on God’s Word. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call the church office.


As a “community” church, Resurrection believes it has a responsibility to the community it serves. One of the ways in which it fulfills that responsibility is through its’ various ministries. Should you require additional information, please feel free to call the church office.

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